All you need to know about the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its add-ons.

  • 1. Getting Started

    A basic introduction on how to get started using WP RSS Aggregator, video overviews of each of it's premium add-ons, as well as instructions on how to use your WP RSS Aggregator account.
  • 2. Main Documentation

    Billing and licenses, installation and updates, general settings, shortcodes, import/export, and other documentation related to the general day-to-day running of the plugin.
  • 3. Troubleshooting

    Instructions on how to deal with the most common issues faced while using WP RSS Aggregator, such as Feed Items Not Importing, Images Not Importing, and how to test for plugin and theme conflicts.
  • 4. Add-Ons

    All the documentation related to the premium add-ons - Compatibility between them, how to install them, and individual general and advanced settings.
  • 5. Styling

    Some basic documentation related to the displaying of feed items and how they can be styled through the use of CSS.
  • 6. Developer Documentation

    Most of the filters and hooks found in WP RSS Aggregator, and instructions on how to use them to manipulate certain areas of the plugin correctly.
  • 7. Miscellaneous

    Lists of related plugins that can be used with WP RSS Aggregator to enhance its experience, known issues related to the plugin, and some RSS Tricks to further improve your RSS feeds.
  • 8. FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions ranging from basic questions regarding billing, licenses and how the plugin is used, to specific questions related to individual premium add-ons.