Word Trimming

Word Trimming Settings

Another metabox you will be shown on your individual Feed Source’s settings page is the Feed to Post – Word Trimming metabox. This is from where you can enable, disable and set the word-trimming feature of Feed to Post.


The first option is from where you choose whether or not to enable the word trimming feature. You can choose from the following options:

  • Use General Settings
    This will use the settings you’ve set in the General Settings of Feed to Post.
  • Enabled
    This will apply the individual settings that you’ll set from this metabox.
  • Disabled
    Your other option is to disable this feature for this particular feed source.

If you decided to enable this feature and set a particular word limit for this individual feed source, you can set the number of words to keep when trimming from here.

Entering zero, less than zero, or leaving this option blank will use the word limit set in the Feed to Post settings page.

Your final setting is the type of trimming you want to perform on the imported posts.

  • Use General Setting
    This will use the same trimming type set in the Feed to Post settings page.
  • Trim the Content
    Standard trimming. The contents of the post will be shortened so that the number of words matches the number set in the Word Limit option.
  • Generate an Excerpt
    This option will not shorten the actual contents of the post. Instead, it will create a copy of the contents, trim it, and put it as the posts’ excerpts.
    Use this option if your theme supports excerpts and you wish to show excerpts on your site when listing multiple posts, but show the full content of the post on the post’s page.

If you are encountering issues with missing tags in the post content when using this word trimming feature, please have a look at this possible solution.