Using the Full Text RSS Feeds Add-On

The Full Text RSS Feeds add-on works only in conjunction with the Feed to Post add-on.

This means that unless Feed to Post is activated on your site, you won’t be able to activate Full Text RSS Feeds. Also, if you deactivate Feed to Post, Full Text RSS Feeds is also automatically deactivated.

Once both plugins have been installed and activated and the appropriate License Keys activated, you will find a new option added to the “Full Text RSS service” option in the “Feed to Post” Settings page as you can see below.


When choosing the service to use for converting your RSS feeds into full text RSS feeds, you must select “Premium Full Text Service” to enable the use of the add-on.

The free services are available for use instantly with no registration required, but they are known to occasionally be unreliable and slow.

Paid and premium services provide maximum reliability and performance, and will require you to obtain an API key. Our premium service uses your activated license key for the add-on as an API key.

For more information regarding full text feed imports you can refer to this page and these FAQs.

The full text algorithm works by going to each individual item’s page and reading that page in order to determine the actual full content of the item, and some other data about it, such as the featured image. The software behind this service does not see what humans see, but instead it sees HTML markup, and from it’s structure attempts to determine what is what.

However, in some cases it is not possible due to wrong structurization of the page’s markup and lack of semantic connection between elements of the page that identify it as an “article”. You can read more about how the Full Text service works here.

To check whether your feed sources are set up correctly to import the full content using this add-on you can use our free Full Text RSS Feeds Demo.


Simply enter the feed source URL, choose the settings you need, and hit “Create Feed”. This will generate an example full text feed for that source where you can check what content is able to be imported using our Full Text script.