Scheduling Feed Source Updates

Read this if you encounter issues with load speed, users being locked out, or the site timing out when using a large number of feed sources.

The plugin currently has two separate methods of updating feed sources:

  1. The first is the global interval.
    This is the one you set in your settings (WP RSS Aggregator > Settings). Any feed sources that do not have their own update interval will update using this one.
  2. The second is each feed sources own interval, which you can set/modify through the Update Interval option (under the Feed Processing section, on the right-hand side of the screen)

Thus, when a large number of feed sources are hooked to the global interval when the time comes for the plugin to update the feed sources, the site may crash or hang due to a large number of update operations.

The solution is to stagger the updates, in one of two ways.

Set all feed sources’ “Update Interval” to be anything other than “Default”. For instance, some of them would be set to update every hour, some of them once a day, some others every 2 hours, etc.

You can cleverly set the interval according to the feed source. If a feed source only has 1 new post per day, you don’t need to update it every 2 hours.

We only suggest using this method only if you need all of your feed sources updating using the same interval. For instance, all feed sources update hourly.

  • Pause all your feed source.
  • Edit each of your feed sources, and set their Update Interval to your liking.
  • Let’s say the current time is 1:00 PM, and we are setting the update interval to 1 hour.
  • Activate the first batch of feed sources. Try to keep the number of feed sources in each batch to a maximum of 15.
    These feed sources will start updating hourly, on the hour.
  • Wait for some time, for example 15 minutes, and activate the next batch of feed sources.
    Alternatively, set the next batch of feeds to activate at a future time, so you won’t have to wait.
    These will start updating hourly, for every quarter past of every hour.
  • Repeat the previous step. The next batch of feed sources will start updating hourly, every half past of every hour.
  • Keep repeating this process until all your feed sources are activated.

This will allow you to have your feed sources update using the same interval, but update in batches at different times.

Also keep your server’s workload in mind when dealing with large operations, not just with WP RSS Aggregator. It can help you avoid such issues, and maybe even improve your site’s performance.

The individual feed source’s update interval can be found in the metabox titled “Feed Processing”, as seen below.

The plugin’s general, or default, update interval can be found in RSS Aggregator > Settings > General > Feed Processing Interval, as seen below.

You can see both methods above put into action in the below video tutorial.