Images can also be imported from feeds. The Images metabox is where you can control what gets imported. The first two settings apply to all imported images, while the last three settings determine how the featured image is set.


By checking this box the plugin will download images and save them locally, thus avoiding requesting the image from the original source of the feed. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, you won’t be consuming the resources of the original source, and secondly if the original source has any problems or is taken offline, your copy of the content including images will still work fine.

However, if you trust the source will remain online and you wish to save space on your site, you can keep this option unchecked and images will still be loaded fine in your posts.

NOTE: If you have featured images enabled, even if this option is turned off the image chosen to be the featured image will still be imported into your local gallery. This is because WordPress requires that featured images are saved in the gallery.

You can set minimum dimensions for all imported images. In our screenshot, we are using a minimum of 80px by 80px. That means that if the image encountered is smaller than that size it will be skipped, and the plugin will take the next image which is equal to or bigger than the defined size.

Ticking this checkbox will automatically set the featured image for the posts being created. As mentioned in the note above, it is mandatory for the featured images to be downloaded to your local website. An external URL cannot be set as the featured image for a post. This is a WordPress convention which cannot be overridden. Our plugin is designed in such a way that even if you uncheck the “Import Images” checkbox, the featured image will still have to be downloaded.

Via the dropdown, you can set whether you want to set the thumbnail from the

  • First image in post content
  • Last image in post content
  • Feed <media:thumbnail> tag
  • Use the fallback featured image
  • Enclosure tag

It is usually recommended to use the first image in post content as this will most likely be the most relevant image.

However, it is becoming quite common for feeds to include an image in a<media:thumbnail> tag, to indicate that the image is particularly useful to be used as a featured image or thumbnail. If it is available in the feed, it is usually the best choice. The<enclosure> tag is also fairly common for this use. Experiment with these settings to determine which is the best to use for a particular feed source.

If no image is found when importing the feed, the fallback will be the default featured image, which you can set on a per feed source basis:


This option is perfect for those who are seeing the image chosen as the featured image twice for each post, once as a featured image and a second time in the post’s content.

With this option activated, the image chosen as featured image will be removed from the post’s content, leaving only the featured image.

Check this box to only import posts that have a usable featured image.