Filtering by Tag (Category)

The Keyword Filtering add-on allows you to filter by keyword, key-phrase or category. What the filters do is affect what feed items get imported. So if a particular post doesn’t match one of your filters, it won’t be imported by that feed source. On this page we go through filtering by tag.

Some feed sources provide the category that the item was posted in. In that case, we can also filter by tag when importing said feed items.

Here’s how it would typically look:


In this case, we are asking the plugin to only import items which have the category/tag ‘WordPress’ or ‘Web development’.

If the feed source does not provide any categories/tags then this filter will not work and all items will be imported.

Here’s an extract from a feed which contains categories. Note that when creating feeds, many websites bundle together tags and categories under the <category> attribute.