Custom Feed URL

Create a master feed containing all your aggregated feeds, and share it with the general public through the custom feed URL feature in WP RSS Aggregator.


With the default setting shown above you’ll be able to access your new feed from

You’ll also be able to set a limit for the number of feed items that show in this custom feed.


If no custom feed limit is entered, WP RSS Aggregator will use the default WordPress setting found under Settings > Reading Settings in the dashboard (shown below).


If you’re using the Categories add-on, you can also output feeds for a particular category. The structure to follow is as follows:  where ‘categoryslug’ is the slug for the category you want to display.

NOTE: The feeds are only available if you use non-default permalink settings in your WordPress site’s settings. This is so since, when using the “Default” setting, WordPress completely removes its rewrite rules from the website’s .htaccess file – the same rules that are necessary for any rewrites to work.