Add-On Compatibility

With WP RSS Aggregator, there are two add-on setups for you to choose from.

The first setup adds extra features to WP RSS Aggregator’s imported feed items:

The second transforms WP RSS Aggregator’s imported feed items into WordPress posts, or any other custom post type of your choice, with the possibility of spinning the content:

The Keyword Filtering add-on is compatible with both the add-on setups above, as well as with core alone.

Installing the Feed to Post add-on means the following add-ons are not required:

The reason is that the Feed to Post add-on imports feed items as WordPress posts (or any other custom post type), and hence the categories, excerpts and featured images for the imported posts are set and displayed according to your WordPress site and theme. They can be used in conjunction by using the Legacy Feed Items option if required.

To help make the choice easier, we also offer add-on bundles which help you go for the add-ons most suited for what you want to create.