Styling the Feeds

These are some styling ideas for when using the WP RSS Aggregator shortcode to display the imported feed items. All the code provided is CSS code that can be copied directly into your theme or child theme’s stylesheet, or it can be applied through a custom CSS plugin, such as the ones listed below:

Remove the bullet points from each feed item to display the feed items more like a blog rather than a bulleted list.


Change the font size of the feed item’s title to make it match your theme’s styling.


Change the font size of the feed item’s excerpt to make it match your theme’s styling.


Make the excerpt wrap around the thumbnail image.

If a feed item does not have an excerpt, the above rule will result in the feed item below overlapping the one above. To avoid this, the below CSS rule must also be added.


Set the thumbnail image and the excerpt as block elements in order to have them displayed on separate lines for a different styling approach.


Centre the thumbnail image as well as the excerpt to have them displayed beneath each other as centred items.


Add horizontal spacing between your feed items to give them more room, and add a dashed dividing line between each one.

Below is a full reference of the HTML classes used by the plugin to display the feed items.


For a comprehensive CSS cheat sheet you can visit this page.

We’re always looking for more ways to help you get the best out of WP RSS Aggregator, so if you’ve got any other styling ideas that you’d like to see listed here just contact us here and let us know!

(When using the contact form be sure to select the “Support Request” and “Other” options)


Reminder:  When using Feed to Post the styling is handled completely by the theme.